Symphonic Eurythmy

Symphonic Eurythmy – Storms of Silence

The artistic impulse comes from picture of the development of culture from the quotation,  What was kindled in the east through the west takes on Form.




The world of formative forces, which is perceptible in nature and scientific thought, is brought to artistic expression in eurythmy. The name comes from the Greek, and means harmonious rhythmical movement. Eurythmy was developed by Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th Century.

In communion with the world of sound, eurythmy is an art aware that space is alive with the forces that shape us and our world.



Eurythmy shows us the gesture and movement inside speech, making visible the formative ability, the creative function of language and how the word gives meaning and structure to life.

Eurythmy embodies the tone, rhythm and harmony that reveal the world of music, bringing the inner life of sound to outer expression.

Unique in contemporary performing art, neither improvisational nor interpretive, eurythmy makes music and speech visible.


Information and details on the production and performance schedule for Symphonic Eurythmy are forthcoming. Please check back for updates, reviews, schedule and additional information. We appreciate your interest and support!


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